The Iliff Station is just one piece of the entire I-225 Rail Line Project, a multibillion-dollar, transit expansion for the Denver metro and outlying area. Sky Blue Builders is performing work on six total stations as part of a Design-Build project to construct 10.5 miles of Light Rail corridor. Five of the stations are discussed in this project. Roughly 10.5 miles of the Light Rail will run along I-225 and the remainder will run along local streets. There are seven bridges, seven grade crossings, and eight stations in the nine mile stretch from Iliff to the tie-in point of Peoria Station. Anticipated project completion is mid-2016. This project was originally awarded to us as the Iliff Station project for about $800,000. Due to our quality of work and customer service, the contract was amended to add the other stations and eventually expanded into the 10.5 miles of light rail corridor.