What We Do

Sky Blue Builders is a General Contracting and Construction Management firm specializing in Building, Infrastructure and Special Projects for private and government entities. Our services include pre-construction, construction management, self-perform concrete & interior finishes.

Sky Blue Builders’ attention to detail and processes, can provide ease and efficiency in completing your project on time and under budget. During the construction phase, we are committed to ensuring that the project is completed in an efficient and effective manner. From procurement to schedule management and construction oversight, our superintendents guarantee a successful project. Each individual project is specifically monitored and controlled to ensure that the clients’ objectives are met.

Recently Completed Projects


Westin Hotel and Transit Center for Denver International Airport

This project was completed with Mortenson, Hunt, Saunders (MHS), an integrated tri-venture that served as the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) for the Hotel and Public Transit Center. The $544,000,000 South Terminal Redevelopment Program is made up of independent yet physically integrated projects.

As a small business partner to the MHS Tri-Venture Team (Mortenson-Hunt-Saunders), Sky Blue Builders was subcontracted out to perform the caisson package,and the civil package / place and finish package. We installed extensive concrete work, starting with the building’s crawl space. Sky Blue oversaw the placement and finishing of over 486,000 SF of concrete and over 50 separate concrete pours were completed to create the foundation for the first six levels of the massive Public Transit Center structure. Work also included the placement of metal embeds to anchor supports for subsequent floors of the building. Throughout the duration of this design-build project, each section of concrete was poured according to specifications based on the planned subsequent flooring overlay. Extensive coordination with other contractors in this confined area was required to allow the airport to remain fully operational.

I-225 Rail Line Stations

The I-225 Rail Line Project is part of a multibillion-dollar, transit expansion. Sky Blue Builders is performing work on six total stations as part of a Design-Build project to construct 10.5 miles of Light Rail corridor. Five of the stations are discussed in this project. Roughly 10.5 miles of the Light Rail will run along I-225 and the remainder will run along local streets. There are seven bridges, seven grade crossings, and eight stations in the nine mile stretch from Iliff to the tie-in point of Peoria Station. Anticipated project completion is mid-2016. This project was originally awarded to us as the Iliff Station project for about $800,000. Due to our quality of work and customer service, the contract was amended to add the other stations and eventually expanded into the 10.5 miles of light rail corridor.

Iliff Station