What We Do

Sky Blue Builders, founded in 2007, is a General Contracting and Construction Management firm with two lines of business; Building & Civil.  We self-perform concrete & interior finishes and specialize in long term on-call / IDIQ (Currently have 10) that allow our clients to have a reliable contractor to call on whether it’s a small or large complex project.

Sky Blue Builders has succeeded in providing quality services and excellent customer service to numerous clients ranging from local municipalities, major corporations and government agencies. Being a versatile contractor, Sky Blue Builders has the ability to build our processes, our system and our culture around our clients’ needs and expectations.

Recently Completed Projects


Repair Hardstand, Building 2492

This Facilities, Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (FSRM) Project which consists of exterior pavement repair work and repaving of the hardstand at Building 2492 at the Fort Carson Military Installation. Concrete paving panels were replaced in addition to partial depth patching of concrete placement and concrete pavement replacement. The intent of the work was to correct deficiencies in the existing facilities by removing, demolishing, repairing, or replacing areas of existing concrete pavement and had similar, if not exact, general requirements as outlined in this MATOC. The facility had to remain safe, operational and functional for Fort Carson Department of Public Works (DPW) Facilities Maintenance Group to accomplish their own operational missions.

This design-build project had approximately 4,500 cubic yards of concrete removed and replaced over a two and a half month duration. Each pour averaged 700 to 750 cubic yards, utilized a laser screed and pump, and was phased in six stages. The concrete placement was done with an 18-foot wide roller screed with high capacity, 10” steel forms that provide extreme precision in maintain the required depths, elevations and smoothness.

I-225 Rail Line Stations

The I-225 Rail Line Project is part of a multibillion-dollar, transit expansion. Sky Blue Builders is performing work on six total stations as part of a Design-Build project to construct 10.5 miles of Light Rail corridor. Five of the stations are discussed in this project. Roughly 10.5 miles of the Light Rail will run along I-225 and the remainder will run along local streets. There are seven bridges, seven grade crossings, and eight stations in the nine mile stretch from Iliff to the tie-in point of Peoria Station. Anticipated project completion is mid-2016. This project was originally awarded to us as the Iliff Station project for about $800,000. Due to our quality of work and customer service, the contract was amended to add the other stations and eventually expanded into the 10.5 miles of light rail corridor.

Iliff Station