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Turning your project from a dream into reality is our specialty. Our tailored construction teams work to mitigate risk and maximize efficiency, so you get your project built on time and on budget. The alliance between our team and yours is focused on collaboration and teamwork, enabling projects to seamlessly transition from design to construction. When you’re our client, your concerns are our concerns.


With decades of experience in building and repairing infrastructure, Sky Blue Builders has the ability to handle your next infrastructure project. You name the infrastructure, and we’ve likely built it: roads, parking lots, trails, and more. We’ve invested in the teams and equipment needed to do concrete and specialized civil construction projects.

We’re proud to have served the Regional Transportation District, Denver International Airport, Fort Carson Military Installation, US Army Corps of Engineers, General Services Administration, Colorado Department of Transportation, City & County of Denver, US Fish & Wildlife, and Grainger.

Facilities Maintenance

We don’t just build new projects. Sky Blue Builders also provides support related to operations & maintenance of facilities. For over 10 years, we have provided Facilities Maintenance services for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to federal agencies. We have the ability to self-perform on a majority of interior finish work as well as concrete flatwork.

We’re experienced in accommodating your needs. Whether it’s working around your employees or in an unoccupied space, we’re committed to ensuring that the project is completed efficiently and effectively. From procurement to schedule management and construction oversight, our teams guarantee a successful project. Each project is specifically monitored and controlled to ensure that your objectives are met. We’re confident that Sky Blue Builders can help you with your maintenance needs!

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How We Plan Projects

Winning the Project

We create unique, detailed proposals built on solid strategies. Because when you’re building for the future, there’s so much more to know about a project than its price tag. We perform a diligent scope review and strategy session with our highly qualified subcontractors, to help us turn unknowns into “we-got-that”s. It’s the Sky Blue Builders way of ensuring you get the most competitive proposal on your desk…and a head start toward making it a reality.


Once awarded, we put safety and quality first and triple check that safety and quality requirements are understood by all. Then we delve headfirst in providing realistic schedules based on subcontractor input and real-time input from the supply chain.

Planning for Consistency

Good communication is essential for consistent, high-quality performance. Our owners work closely with our teams to create an engaging culture of rock-solid communication for our company and subcontractors. We value consistent communication because it’s what allows us to meet your expectations for your project’s speed, budget, and quality throughout the process.

Planning for

Every project has unique safety challenges. But we don’t let those challenges surprise us. Whether we’re working in high-security locations like the airport, or a difficult place to access, our team builds safety into our construction process, so you can rest assured that your project will be completed safely and successfully.

Planning for Success

Every step from start to finish is important for a project’s success. Our journey requires clear, consistent communication with clients and the ability to meet and exceed your expectations. We’ll work with you to make sure you feel understood and cared for from planning to final walk-through.

Planning for Success

Every step from start to finish is important for consistent success. And our journey towards a successful project requires good, consistent communication with our clients and the ability to meet and exceed their expectations. We will work with you to make sure you are cared for from planning til the final walk-through.

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