Sky Blue Builders

Invent Tomorrow

What sets us apart…

Inspiration and Innovation.

Our founder, Mowa, was a refugee who came to the USA with a vision to build his own company. A company that would build the tomorrow we want to live in. He formed Sky Blue Builders on the foundation of his passion for people, the ability to persevere, and a keen eye for innovative solutions.

His focus and vision inspires our whole team to work towards a common goal: to be better than we were yesterday. By using cutting edge construction techniques, cradle to grave software, and simply good communication, we move forward together with our clients to leave the world better than we found it.

Our Mission

Our mission is: dream today to invent tomorrow. At Sky Blue, our foundation is formed around our impact: the philosophy that building takes more than concrete, it takes a community. We are a group of insatiable creators, obsessed with problem-solving—and our passion allows us to think one step ahead and find new paths forward. We value collaboration so that our clients get everything they want and more. We stand for progress. Inspiration and long-term thinking are behind every brick we lay, a process we innovate, and experience we design. We are enthusiastic builders of a better tomorrow, here to invent the world you want to live in.

Our Promise

Every project we build is about the people we serve, and one of our most powerful tools to help people is honesty. We can’t promise there won’t be challenges or unexpected developments during a project. Those are as much a part of life as death and taxes. But we can promise that we’ll face those challenges with realism, integrity, and a dash of inspiration.
“Challenges and problems are simply opportunities to create success.”

And we might just be on to something.
85% of our clients are repeat customers.

Our Values

At Sky Blue, we are explorers at heart. Convention never held the answers for us—so when we didn’t find a different path, we made one. Our values are our north stars, guiding us to trail blaze with purpose.


We believe the sky is the limit, so we do the impossible. Our approach offers
freedom in design and execution, allowing us to challenge the everyday to
build something better.


We create experiences, not spaces. We think ahead to break new ground — and if there’s a better way to do something, we’ll find it. We aim to share and to inspire.


We aren’t creating a faceless conglomerate that can throw together a building. We are building a culture of community. One where people are everything. They are our clients, our coworkers, our end-users.


We are people-focused. Giving back to our communities is a given. That’s why we look for unique ways to create community and family from within. Every decision we make serves people first.


Compared to massive construction Goliaths, we are David — and innovation is our best tool. Innovation reminds us that every day isn’t a competition, it’s a chance to be better than we were yesterday.

Our Team

Mowa Haile

Mowa Haile is President of Sky Blue Builders, which he founded in 2007, after a tenured career in the technology sector. After learning everything he could about running a business, from operations to sales and marketing, he leveraged his entrepreneurial spirit to start his own company, Sky Blue Builders. Mowa has guided the company from a two-man team and $80K in revenue to completing large projects for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies and as of 2020 was the Denver Business Journal’s 4th largest minority owned business.

Lauren Grosh

Lauren Grosh is a Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Sky Blue Builders, As Chief Marketing Officer, she has been responsible for Business Development and marketing for Sky Blue Builders for the past 14 years. As Chief Marketing Officer at Sky Blue Builders, Lauren’s top priority is creating and establishing strong client relationships. Her focus on Business Development centers around maintaining and fostering these relationships and is proud to be a contributor to Sky Blue Builders success in maintaining over 85% of repeat Clients.

Fernando Franco

Fernando Franco, Chief Financial Officer for Sky Blue Builders, is responsible for all financial aspects of Sky Blue Builders including all reporting requirements, monthly cash flow analysis and all AP/AR practices. He is responsible for preparing and analyzing monthly and yearly financial statements, monitor and managing cash flow forecasting, overseeing all internal controls, risk management, and job cost analysis. Fernando has over 20 years of accounting experience and is focused on system and process improvements

Jeff Anker

Jeff Anker has an extensive construction background with his career path taking him through many aspects of the construction process. As VP of Preconstruction & Operations, Jeff Anker is responsible for all preconstruction services for Sky Blue Builders from development of procurement plans to cost modeling and bringing accurate market-based cost information. He has estimated over 500 Million in work and has an extensive resume of projects including hospitals, schools, retail, healthcare, municipal and hospitality work.

Jasmine Solis

Jasmine Solis is VP of Operations, bringing extensive leadership and management experience in the construction industry from the private sector as well as the municipal sector. Jasmine is responsible for bringing high-level strategic objectives that are centered around process improvement, budgeting cost control, and overall risk management. For the past 7 years at Sky Blue, Jasmine Solis brings extensive experience high-profile complex design-build projects like the Great Hall Project at Denver International Airport as well as on multi-million transit-oriented projects like Southeast Rail Line Extension and the I225 Light Rail Corridor station work.

Kevin Wheeler

Kevin Wheeler, VP of Field Operations, is responsible for leading and directing all field operations, ensuring safety, quality, and schedule standards are being met. Over the course of 20+ years, Kevin Wheeler spearheaded the management of a $1.7 Billion portfolio of construction projects ranging from complex design-build of a 1M SF airport renovation to a special forces complex at a military base and complex baggage handling facilities. Kevin is committed to driving project success through dynamic leadership, strategic planning, and relentless attention to detail.